Higley General Store circa 1930s

(Photo: Gilbert Historical Museum)

higley fields

food truck court vendors page

Welcome to the Higley Fields Food Court Vendors Page.  We strive to be a local family friendly event that focuses on showcasing small businesses within our community.  

Higley Fields is looking for creative food truck owners to serve in our food park. We are located on the corner of Higley & Williams Field in Gilbert. Reserve your spot in the park on a rotational basis by the day, week or month. Each spot is only $60 per day on weekends and $50 per day on weekdays. 

Rules & Regs

*Receipt must be displayed in the front window of your truck while parked.

*NO Electricity is provided, so generators are allowed!

*Please bring your own trash receptacles, none are provided.

*No arriving before 10am on Sundays 

*Park Hours are:
Monday - Thursday 8am to 10pm
Friday - Sunday 8am to Midnight

***Higley Fields & Blue Owl Catering LLC are not liable for any accidents or damage that may occur while you or your equipment is located on the property***