Owners Tom & Karen Montes

We love diners!


They're a magical step back in time; a bit of Americana and nostalgia that nourishes your belly with good eats and your heart with a family-friendly community.  That's why we make sure a family-owned diner is always on our travel itinerary in any new location. One that we can go back to again and again and get to know the town and its people.  We always leave happy and with new friends, and so...

After working a combined 65+ years in corporate, in 2018, we took a leap of faith and launched Blue Owl Mobile Diner to bring our passion for the family diner to life in a mobile kitchen.   Come along with us on the adventure and join us at the table! 


Grab a plate and share the stories from your childhood. 


Now, let's eat!    Who's hungry?